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Amy is a bestselling author of ten books, media personality, holistic health expert, and medical intuitive. Mercree teaches internationally sharing Medicine Woman Bootcamp, Meet Your Guides, and Goddess Shamanism, and Mindfulness Meditation classes.

Mercree has been featured in Glamour Magazine, Women’s Health, Inc. Magazine, Shape, The Huffington Post, Your Tango, Soul and Spirit Magazine, Mind Body Green, CBS, NBC, Hello Giggles, Reader’s Digest, and many more.

Amy has been an internationally acclaimed medical intuitive for over fifteen years. She’s helped thousands of people find the root causes of numerous mild and moderate medical conditions and uncover their bodies wisdom to heal permanently.


In grade school, I was diagnosed with learning disabilities. As a result, I wasn’t like other kids. My handwriting was completely illegible and I honestly could not physically help it. The way I perceived the world was different than most. I lived from my heart and sometimes the world was bit of blur. Perhaps, that was because my mind was wired a little bit differently than some others. School was tough but I had a supportive family and the things I felt and saw when outdoors helped me through it.

I consciously started my medicine path when I turned 18, but even as a child I was very connected with spirits. Since I was at least six, I have had a way of seeing the invisible world. As I got older, I came to call it my Atomic Vision. I would be outside in the natural world and see the interplay of a microcosmic energy around trees, plants, soil, people etc. I’ve always had that ability to see the tiny level and energy through and around things. Of course, I didn’t know what it was as a child.

When I was 18 and in college for education I started to work with shamanism. I took some classes and ended up meeting the woman who became my medicine teacher who taught me Native American style medicine healing, including some ancient traditions that were orally passed down from teacher to student for many generations. That was a great framework to start me off and it evolved into what I do now as a medical intuitive.

The basis for my medical intuitive work is talking to the clients’ spirit guides. These beings direct the session and I’m really just a messenger for their guides. I look at the energy of the body and then I’m guided to see where there are densities or areas where it’s not flowing and a lot of times that also involves talking to different types of cells in the body and finding out what’s happening with their functioning and why they’re functioning well or not. Also, talking to different organs in the body and a lot of times that involves mental and emotional healing. Sometimes there is stuck emotional energy in an organ, and when we’re able to release that people experience a lot of great results.

I feel incredibly fortunate. My profession is fascinating because I’ve never seen two people that are exactly the same. There are themes but people are so incredibly diverse. Especially when we get down to the cells. Frequently, we’re working with specific cells in the body and emotions or conditions or even physiological factors that have turned off or on certain genes. It’s very individual. There’s a lot that arises that is passed down through genetic material and also learned behavior from ancestors. We get to shine light in these dark genetic corners and sweep them clean. Sometimes, energies that were directed at an ancient ancestor affect the way cells are functioning in the body.

A lot of my work is about changing our thinking. This includes consciously directing our thought forms. I always tell people I’m not a doctor. Consult your health practitioners. As a medical intuitive, it’s my job to talk to your guides. As a result of eighteen years of this work, I have written ten books on topics about which I want to share more information with my clients. I write about mindfulness and meditation because I see the effects of stress, cortisol, and our fast-paced world in the bodies of my clients on a regular basis. I share books on essential oils because they are powerful healing tools that I believe at times can be far more effective than prescription medications. I write about apple cider vinegar because it is an easy way for people to optimize their health. Especially because as a medical intuitive, I see the gene for insulin resistance turned on in many people due to dietary choices and our chemically laden world. I write about joyful living because joy is the highest vibration in the known universe and I have seen firsthand its massive power to heal and change lives. And, I write about compassion because I care deeply. My books are my love letters to my clients and readers and I share them with a heart full of love and immense gratitude.


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