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Meet Your Guides

You can talk to your spirit guides, at will, in detail, as much as you want. This is a live experiential teleclass. You will learn exactly how to receive guidance from your spirit guides and build the skills to make it easy. Intuition is natural and your guides are your spirit family who are excited to meet you.

Are you feeling:

  • Anxious about your future and what to do next
  • Worried about the state of the world and your place in it?
  • Alone in the universe?
  • Like you’re losing a sense of yourself?
  • Like you’re struggling with a loss (death, divorce, etc.) and can’t move past it?
  • Like you’re searching for answers and can’t seem to find the deep healing you’re seeking?

If this is you (and no shame, I’ve been there too!), this means you’re ready to build lasting relationships with your guides.

Next Series Begins Monday March 9th!

Level: Beginner
4 weeks
3/9/20 – 3/30/20
7-9pm EST
Join from anywhere in the world. You will be provided with a call in number and PIN.
Class materials: journal, writing implement, eye covering (scarf, eye mask)

“Thank you for sharing your amazing gifts, talent, and expertise with us. I feel very blessed. My mind feels like it’s expanding ten times over and my body feels the healing. The phrase ‘thank you’ doesn’t seem to convey my sentiment properly, but I hope you can feel the ‘infinite thank you’!”

— Nancy, Meet Your Guides Student


Week One – March 9th: Meet your Power Animal guide who has been with your since birth. This benevolent, wise animal spirit will act as your advisor for years to come. Overtime, you can build a close and nurturing relationship with this nonphysical being.

Week Two – March 16th: You will learn to communicate with and visit human form spirit guides. These are loving, caring, intelligent, nonphysical mentors who can advise you on all areas of life and offer you healing.
Along with directly communicating with these beings by journeying to their realm, you will also begin a practice of Automatic Writing using Amy’s proprietary, effective, time tested tactics.

Week Three – March 23rd: This week you will visit other dimensional realities using Amy’s exclusive, high level system. You will meet more of your spirit guides. These guides will be especially helpful with health and things that have to do with your life here on earth. These trusted advisors will begin a relationship with you during this class that can enhance your life for many years to come. These beings can be like close friends over time. It is possible to have “friends” in nonphysical reality, too! After your journey experience you will uplevel your automatic writing skills even more.

Week Four – March 30th: Meet animal guardian guides for your chakras during this class. These beings can help you uplevel your health, intuition, communication skills, ability to create what you want in the world, your confidence, and even your sex life! Learn all about chakras and then meet your very own team to optimize your energy centers.
Next, learn how to shamanically remove density and blocks from your body and energy centers. You can heal yourself with the help of kind, compassionate healing guides. These guides can become crucial team members to elevate your long term health and well being.

All classes are held on the phone with a call in number. After you sign up you will receive call in info, instructions, and everything you need for the class. After each class you will be emailed a link to an MP3 so you can download the class and listen whenever you choose. During the duration of the class you will also be invited to email our staff any questions that come up during the week so we can answer them on the next call.

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